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I’m Vanessa Z. Mills, a graphic designer and web developer focused on tapping into your vision for your business and making it inspiringly visible in print and online.

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Recent work

Perception is reality in the eye of the perceiver. Take a look at some of the latest new realities my clients have created with me.

What they're saying

Take a look at what my clients have to say.

“Vanessa did an amazing job of capturing my personality and the heart of my business. Call her!

“I made back what I had invested in her services in just 3 days! I can’t thank her enough for capturing my essence.”

“Vanessa translated my vision into a  captivating design that was just what I needed. My site finally feels like me!”

“She got me right from the start — and she created a website that’s bringing in thousands of new subscribers!”

“Vanessa is on-strategy, on-time, on-budget — and is inventive, creative, and inspired in her craft and skill.”

“Vanessa brings out the best in the projects she works on. She’s expert at taking big ideas and making them a reality.”

“Vanessa is one of the most incredible creative professionals I have ever had the chance to work with.”

“Vanessa was smooth and effective working with the demanding, high-pressure entertainment industry.”

“Her branding questionnaire is an invaluable tool for focus and structure.”

  • Lynne Klippel
  • Sandra Fidelis
  • Elise Robine
  • Anastasia Netri
  • Katie Rogin
  • Brent Miller
  • Tate Eskew
  • Tami Cooper
  • Corey Howe

Here's how we do it

From discovery to design and development, it's all about supporting your highest vision for your business.



First, we get clarity on your business, your audience, and your message.

  • Discovery 33%


Next, we use the art and technology that best communicates your ideas.

  • Design 66%


Finally, we deliver the finished product and make sure it's working for you.

  • Development 100%